F A S H I O N   N I G H T   O U T
B A R    H A R B O R,   M A I N E
P H O T O   A L B U M   2 0 1 2

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Photos Courtesy of Bar Harbor Photographer Susan Raab

Spruce & Gussy Hosting a Harborside Shakespeare Performance A Little Mad: Island Shop & Gallery D'Alessio Gallery Argosy Dance
Walking the Runway Walk Off D'Alessio Gallery

Side Street Cafe Faux Pas Night
Carriage Rides During FNO
Acadia Mainely Yours Macey's Bowtie Icon

Strutting Style on the Carpet

D'Alessio Gallery FNO

Artist Ivan Rasmussen at Alone Moose Gallery
Fashion Night Out Logo

Weaver Lucy Tracy showing off her wares
Maine Jeweler Suzanne Anderson and best friend Manray showing her style
The Village Emporium hosting The Harborside Shakespeare performance

Susan & Steven Rabb of Bar Harbor visiting D'Alessio Gallery during FNO
McKay's Public House carpet walk Artist Russell D'Alessio and wife Linda Walking the Red Carpet